Historically, tapas were started in Spain in an effort to curb public drunkenness, the then King of Spain made it mandatory for bars to serve food to their patrons.


At first this offering was very basic, consisting mainly of bread with a simple topping, and was presented on the rim of your wine glass, hence the word “Tapa”, meaning to cover in Spanish. It quickly became apparent that the popularity of the establishments was as a result of the quality and variety of their tapas.


A tapas revolution commenced resulting in the creation of a cuisine that has become a Spanish national treasure.



Garlic Prawns (gf)  15.5 AUD

 (5 PER SERVE) Sizzling prawns cooked in a traditional Spanish

method with crushed garlic, olive oil and a hint of chilli.

Calamari (gf)  16 AUD

Pan-fried whole baby calamari served with a fresh lemon & herb infused olive oil dressing

Spanish Meatballs (gf)  15 AUD

Seared beef and pork meatballs cooked in a rich tomato + white wine sauce, served with a herb yoghurt topping

Fried Goats Cheese (v)  13.5 AUD


Hand rolled balls made from fresh goats cheese, lightly crumbed + served with a rose water infused honey over beetroot relish

Patatas Bravas (v) (gf)   10 AUD

Twice cooked, crisp hand cut potatoes topped with spicy tomato salsa + garlic aioli.


Chicken Pinchos  (gf)     16 AUD

Pan cooked skewered chicken and seasonal vegetables, marinated in smoked paprika

Tortilla del dia (v) (gf)  10 AUD

A traditional Spanish style potato tortilla, served with house made aioli Croquetas  (4 per serve) see wait staff for specials

Our Award-Winning

Big Pan Paella

Provincial Big Pan Paella 

Dine in $14.50       Take-away $13.50

Cooked in our big pans with diced boneless chicken, tender calamari, local mussels and Spanish chorizo. Made fresh daily.

Available during lunch

Gourmet Paellas

Please allow additional time for our gourmet paellas to be expertly prepared.

We recommend that you enjoy a glass of wine or share some tapas to help pass the time, well worth the wait!


   Gourmet Seafood      25 AUD

From “La Cost Brava”, this traditional paella is made with market fresh seafood, Spanish paprika and short grain rice


Chicken and Chorizo (gf)         22 AUD

(Min. 2 serves) From “La Cost Brava” This traditional paella is made with Market fresh seafood,

Spanish paprika and short grain rice


Recommended wine ‘Con Un Par, Albariño’


Braised Pork Shoulder (gf)      22 AUD

Eight hour braised pork shoulder cooked with Spanish smoked paprika baby spinach.

Spinach and Mushroom  (v)(gf)     21 AUD

The timeless combination of field mushrooms and fresh spinach cooked in a flavorsome vegetarian stock,

finished off with Parmesan cheese and toasted pine nuts.

Squid Ink  (gf)             22.5AUD


Tender calamari cooked in natural squid ink with short grain rice



(Served till 12.00am) *We only use fresh free-range eggs

Eggs Benedict (with Salmon or Bacon)

Poached free-range eggs on an English muffin, with our house-made hollandaise sauce, caramelized onions and spinach.                                                                                                                  $18

Brekky Burger

Egg omelette, crispy bacon, house-made hollandaise sauce and melted parmesan cheese, served in a Brioche bun.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    $10                                                                      

Gypsy Eggs

Smashed avocado, hummus, cherry tomatoes and poached eggs coated in Dukkah, served on toast.          

                                                                           $16.5 (GF Available)

Breakfast Bruschetta

Scrambled eggs, grilled chorizo sausage, cherry tomatoes and grated parmesan cheese served on toast.                       


                                                                           $15.5 (GF Available)


French Toast (Torrejas)

A classic Spanish dish of brioche French toast served with seasonal fruit , vanilla ice-cream, topped with house-made berry and mango coulis , biscuit crumbs,  dusted with icing sugar and sliced almonds.                                                                                              

$17 (GF Available)

Claypot Eggs

Free-range eggs served in a bed of house-made tomato salsa and crumbled fetta cheese, gently poached in its own pan, served with a side oftoast.      

                                                                                            $15.5                                   $17.5 with chorizo  

Bircher Muesli

Oats stewed in apple juice with goji berries, blueberries, pepitas, almond flakes, served with natural yoghurt, thyme-infused honey and a poached pear.                                                                                                                                                                     $14.5

Salmon Avocado

Smashed Avocado on toast, with Tasmanian smoked salmon, poached eggs and served with crumbled Persian fetta and cherry tomatoes.                                                                          



Our open - pan Omelette, with mushrooms, spinach and roasted cherry tomatoes, topped with parmesan cheese and served with a side of toast.                                                                                                                                                               $17.5  (add salmon)                                                                                                  $21  

Spanish Breakfast

Sandwich (Bocadillo) Braised pork shoulder on a toasted sandwich with apple and cabbage slaw mixed with mustard aioli and tomato relish.                                                                                                                                                                                                   $16 Build your own brekky Eggs cooked your way on toast

(then add on your extras)                                                                  $9 Extras Bacon, Chorizo or Sausage                

 $4 each Tomato, Mushroom or Spinach    

 $2.5 each Salmon or Avocado                              

 $5 each Extra hollandaise sauce, toast, egg or GF Bread  

 $2 each



A traditional Spanish pastry, churros are eaten at any time of the day. Light and fluffy pastry is piped out in a star shape and cooked to a crispy golden brown.

Churros con Chocolate         9.5 AUD

(6 pieces to a serve)

Lightly dusted with cinnamon and icing sugar, served with melted chocolate.

Creme Catalan                       12 AUD

Cinnamon infused custard with a burnt orange caramel.


Panacotta de Vanilla                         12 AUD

Made with fresh cream and vanilla.

Dessert Paella                        14 AUD

Milk and cinnamon infused rice served in mini paella pans with burnt sugar crust.


Coffe    3.5 AUD



short machiato

Double espresso




Long Macchiato

Flat white

Long Black





Long black

Flat white

Chai Latte


BON BON (Spanish Coffee


Affogato    4,5 AUD

Hot Chocolate 

Spanish Hot Chocolate 

Corretto (Short of liquor with espresso) 


English breakfast, Earl Gray, Green, Peppermint, Chamomile, Lemon grass & Ginger, Chai.


Sparkling Mineral Water (750ml)................................................................. 6 AUD


Coca Cola .............................................................................................. 4.5 AUD

Diet Coke

Coca cola (No sugar) 

Lemonade, Blood orange, Ginger Beer

Market Fresh Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice or Apple Juice ..........................4.5 AUD