Historically, tapas were started in Spain in an effort to curb public drunkenness, the then king of Spain made it mandatory for bars to serve food to their patrons. At first this offering was very basic, consisting mainly of bread with a simple topping, and was presented on the rim of your wine glass, hence the word “tapa”, meaning to cover in Spanish. it quickly became apparent that the popularity of the establishments was as a result of the quality and variety of their tapas. A tapas revolution commenced resulting in the creation of a cuisine that has

become a Spanish national treasure.



Garlic prawns (gf) 15.5 (5 per serve)

Sizzling prawns cooked with crushed garlic, olive oil and a hint of chilli.


Pork belly (gf) 16.5 (2 per serve)

Twice cooked pork belly served with quince sauce & apple chutney.


Grilled chorizo in white wine (gf) 15.5

Spanish chorizo sausage pan seared with kipfler potato, smoked paprika & sparkling cava.

Spanish meat balls 16 (4 per serve)

Beef meatballs cooked in a rich tomato & white wine sauce. served with minted yoghurt dressing.

Fried goats cheese (v) 13.5 (3 per serve)

Hand rolled balls made from fresh goat cheese. lightly crumbed & served with a rose infused honey and beetroot relish.

Braised beef cheek (gf) 15.5


Six hour braised beef cheek. served on mashed potato with a Pedro Jimenez & Sundried raisin reduction.

Flame grilled calamari (gf) 17

Flame grilled whole baby calamari served with fresh lemon & herb infused olive oil dressing.

Lamb cutlets (gf) 15 (2 per serve)

Grilled lamb cutlets served on a bed of minted green peas.

tortilla de patatas (v) (gf) 10 (2 per serve)

A traditional Spanish style omelette served with Housemade aioli.

Croquetas del dia 8 (2 per serve)

Ask the wait staff for the croqueta of the day.


Patatas bravas (v) 10

Crisp hand cut potatoes topped with spicy tomato salsa & garlic aioli.

Sautéed garlic mushrooms (v) (gf) 15.5

Mushrooms sautéed with garlic finished with a drizzle of Tasmanian truffle oil.

Mini empanadas 16 (4 per serve)

Beef and cheese filled parcels served with a Chimichurri salsa.

Chicken cazuela (spanish chicken) (gf) 15

Skinless chicken thighs slowly cooked with crushed tomatoes, smoked paprika, garlic, carrot and kipfler potato in white wine.


Spanish chorizo sausage, diced boneless chicken, tender calamari & local mussels cooked in giant pans with our own blend of herbs & spices recommended wine ‘casa de luz (Verdejo) or mo (Monastrel)’ made fresh daily and served from our giant paella pans.

Available from 11:00am to 3:00pm, Wednesday to Sunday.


Please allow some additional time for our gourmet paellas to be expertly prepared. we recommend that you enjoy a glass of wine and share some tapas to help pass the time, well worth the wait!


Recommended wine ‘Descomunal, VERDEJO’





Baked snapper paella 22.5

Boneless baked snapper pieces, zucchini & green peas

recommended wine ‘lopez de haro (tempranillo blanco/viura)’.

Chicken & Chorizo paella 22.5

Tender chicken cooked with chorizo in saffron infused short grain rice recommended wine ‘aroa (cabernet sauvignon)’.

Squid ink paella 22.5

Paella coloured with natural squid ink and tender calamari.

Recommended wine ‘finca fabian (chardonnay)’.

Vegetarian paella (v) (gf) 21.50

A combination of mushrooms, zucchini, choko, capsicum and green beans, finished off with roasted pepitas.

Recommended wine ‘camino real (garnacha rose)’

all paellas are gluten free.

Gourmet Provincial Spanish  44.5 AUD


Classic Spanish style Paella. Australian prawns, shellfish, & boneless chicken pieces cooked with smoked chorizo in traditional Spanish paella pan recommended wine ‘garnacha white or garnacha red’


Gourmet Seafood  48 AUD

From “la cost brava”, this traditional paella is made with market fresh seafood, Spanish paprika and short grain rice.

Recommended wine ‘con un par (Albariño)’


smoked pork & mushroom paella 21.5

A combination of smoked pork and mushrooms cooked with thyme and White Wine.


Recommended wine ‘Noctua, Syrah’.




Happy Hour

Wednesdays to Fridays 

4 pm - 6 pm

5 AUD Sangria glass 

12 Cocktails

6 AUD  Beer or House  wine


A classic of tequila, fresh lime juice and maple syrup makes our margarita a masterful balance of sweet and sour.


Refreshing combination of sweetness, citrus and mint flavours make this the ideal summer cocktail.


Espresso Martini

Combining two of life´s greatest

Long Island

A classic of tequila, fresh lime juice and maple syrup makes our margarita a masterful balance of sweet and sour.


Piña Colada

A classic of tequila, fresh lime juice and maple syrup makes our margarita a masterful balance of sweet and sour.



Roquette, pear & parmesan salad 10

With :

Balsamic and Olive oil Vinagrette marinated olives (v) (gf) 8.5

marinated mt. zero olives served slightly warm.



(Served till 11.00am) *We only use fresh free-range eggs

Rice Milk Porridge 13 AUD

w/ banana brûlée, toasted almonds, pepitas + cinnamon

Bocadillo 15.5 AUD

braised ham  hock  sandwich w/ apple slaw, chilli jam + mustard aioli


Citrus Cured Salmon 16 AUD

w/ hollandaise sauce, potato tortilla, snow pea tendrils + a poached egg


Brekkie Bruschetta  15 AUD

w/ scrambled eggs, grilled chorizo, shaved manchego cheese + parsley


Simply Brekkie  14.5 AUD

Fried eggs, house-made beans, avocado, tomato relish w/ sourdough

Claypot Eggs  14.5 AUD


In rich tomato sofrito w/ grilled chorizo + caramelised onion

Torrejas  15.5 AUD

Spanish style French toast w/ mixed berries, candied walnuts + spiced marscapone


Omelette  15.5 AUD


Our open pan omelette w/ sliced mushrooms, roasted cherry tomatoes, and Spanish chorizo – served with toasted sourdough

Eggs your way on sourdough 10 AUD

Poached, scrambled or fried



Bacon, Chorizo, Salmon, Avocado or Goat cheese $4 each

Mushrooms, Spinach or Tomato $3 each

Jam, Dulce de leche or Vegemite $2 each



Made to your liking 3.5   Soy +0.5

Spanish coffee  4.5

Espresso coffee on a layer of sweetened condensed milk


Tea  4

English  Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green Tea, Peppermint, Chamomile, Lemongrass + Ginger


Sparkling Mineral Water (500ml)....................................................6

Market Fresh Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice or Apple Juice................5

Bloody Mary ...............................................................................15

Virgin Mary..................................................................................8


Shot of espresso over a scoop of vanilla ice cream